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We won an enterprising business award and came up with the idea of a maths game. The game is aimed at primary school aged kids, aged 5 - 11 years, and we want to help them to get better at maths - that's adding up, taking away, multiplying and dividing.

The idea, is that players answer the randomly generated questions before the time runs out. Each player has 3 lives. You can choose your level - easy, medium or hard. And you can choose your question type - whether you want just addition, subtraction, multiplication or division OR a mixture of all 4 in the game. Your mental arithmetic will sharpen once you start playing this game.



The Boogles Maths Game DISK runs on a PC and in addition to the game also includes around 200 maths worksheets of different maths questions including ratios, shape and space, fractions, weights & measurements, decimals and percentages and video clips of how to work out various maths problems.


Download example copies of the worksheets for 5-6yrs, 7-9yrs, 9-11yrs which are also on the CD.

The GAME is available FREE online on FACEBOOK !!!



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